Nissan has Developed its ProPilot Assist for American Roads

Nissan has Developed its ProPilot Assist for American RoadsNissan is ready to bring its semi-independent “ProPilot Assist” feature to the American roads. The auto manufacturer has pointed out on the U.S-optimized version of the assistant. It will be launched in the new Leaf prior to the end of current year. Nissan stressed that the initially offered version is especially designed to make life easier during single-lane highway driving. It should be considered similar to the Autopilot lite. It will use a radar, camera and sensors in keeping you in your own lane with maintaining speed and perfect grip on brake. It driver slows down, it will never change its own lane and it will efficiently handle city streets or an emergency brake. It shouldn’t be considered a hands-free option, it will be deactivated if you have a lose grip on the steering wheel.

The company has indicated that their Autoblog colleagues have efficiently tested the feature and it much easier as setting cruise control. You just need to use 2 buttons to activate ProPilot Assist and it will auto-resume when you change lane manually. It would eliminate the essential need for the continuous input needed to drive and at a measureable distance from the vehicle up ahead. Point to be noted that Nissan is competing more determinedly with other brands adding new features. ProPilot Assist will provide a handsome support for multi-lane highways in the coming 2 years and within 4 years for city roads. Tesla’s Autopilot is ready and full self-driving capability of Nissan still needs a considerable amount of time.

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