Nissan Coats a Leaf EV With Glow in Dark Paint

NissanWorld famous company Nissan has presented a new vision in which this company has coated a leaf EV with customized as glow-in-dark paint, and its durability is up to 25 years, but the company hasn’t made any plan in the availability for the purchasers. Nissan is collaborating with Hamish Scott, who is the creator of Glow-in-dark paint to formulate a special paint as representing a symbol that in which way a leaf would impress their owners to move to solar energy. Nowadays, it is very easy to find out the Glow-in-dark paint. Yes, now it is possible to design your own dreamed car, but the company is focusing on uniqueness.

This hidden formula basically uses some biological elements, including a major element called Strontium Aluminate. This element absorbs the energy from Sun during the day timing and enables to provide power for up to 10 hours to glow at night. A glowing leaf gives sound like it would go better with glowing on the dark roads, although didn’t mention, but it is most secured and not easy to steal. You can’t walkover into a dealer ship and claim one urgently. Now, you can only watch its demo but can’t buy.

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