F1 Engines with Major Developments

Audi will Present its F1 Engines with Major Developments in 2026

Audi will participate in Formula 1 in 2026 with engines developed at its Audi Sport factory in Neustadt, Germany. The recent announcement was expected after years of rumors. However, the former Volkswagen Group CEO Herbert Diess said in May that it would participate for 4 years. He also confirmed that its next lineup of engine regulations will come into effect very soon.

Moreover, VW Group will basically fund 2 programs of F1 including one program with Audi and the other with Porsche. It is in the buying procedure for a 50% stake in Red Bull Technologies. Porsche’s announcement is expected to occur at Red Bull’s home race in July in Austria. But the sport just established the 2026 engine regulations in mid-August.

Formula 1 Project and Audi AG’s Tech Development Department

The supposed deal still wants to address some essential issues. However, the company has now confirmed new rules. Audi has received the prospect of the Belgian Grand Prix to announce its show car and previously launched F1 struggles. Audi board member in charge of technical development, Oliver Hoffman, also issued a detailed statement.

Hoffman said we can speak of a new Formula 1 in view of the main technological jumps. Moreover, the series is developing onto strength in 2026. Audi needs to energetically support this adventure by transforming Formula 1. Close contact between Audi AG’s technical development department and the Formula 1 project would enable collaboration.

New Machines with Turbocharge V6 Gasoline Engine

Moreover, the new powertrains will preserve to utilize a small volume of a turbocharging V6 gasoline engine. These machines will not feature a fiercely complicated and extremely expensive MGU-H hybrid system. The MGU-H is capable of recovering energy from the turbocharger to store in the battery. The overall power output of these new powertrains is expected to remain at around 745 kW or 1K horsepower.

But now the company is presenting around half the more powerful MGU-K electric motor in F1. It is capable of reproducing energy using braking and then delivering it back to the rear wheels according to requirement. However, Audi didn’t release more information about the specific engines. But it was massively rumored that the company will purchase around a 75% stake in the Sauber team.

A Partnership Between Sauber and Mercedes-Benz

Keep in mind that the Sauber team is currently racing under the brand of Alfa Romeo as well as Ferrari engines. Sauber is located in Hanwell, Switzerland, and also owned & started operation as an F1 team of BMW for some time. Moreover, the company established a partnership with Mercedes-Benz in both F1 and racing continuity before that.

It wasn’t a surprise that Sauber is working with OEMs, specifically with German entities. The F1 program of Audi has designed the elimination of returning to racing durability with the new LMDH classification. However, it was a fortune that Porsche’s 963 hasn’t suffered. The managing director of Audi Sport, Julius Seebach, also issued a statement. He said Formula 1 isn’t considered a key milestone in the motorsport history of Audi.

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