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Artificial Intelligence will Work in Microsoft Office 365Microsoft isn’t only focusing on artificial intelligence through robots & voice assistants, but there is more. The Microsoft team in Redmond has announced that MS Office 365 will be operational with cloud-based artificial intelligence to perform various tasks. It will utilize Work and Outlook surface related material from your company in helping to finalize a project. There is a Quick-Starter feature for PowerPoint & Sway and it would give you perfect outlines for given subjects. It would provide an ease in creating the foundation of a presentation from beginning. Moreover, Excel will provide a path in converting raw geographic data into Bing-based maps.

There are some intelligent features are still available, but you should have to wait for a specific amount of time and you will be able in getting Excel & PowerPoint helpers by the end of this year. There are some other features behind this discussion uses the artificial intelligence. The sales service of Microsoft, Dynamics 365 will use artificial intelligence assistance to support appropriate data and point sales representatives in a perfect direction in trying to pin down a deal. The artificial intelligence agent is being used in company’s American call centers and providing help for staff answering your questions. You will not encounter them in the upgrades of MS Office, but Microsoft realizes that machine learning would be more fruitful in most tasks of the computing environment.

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