Windows 10 offers efficient Battery Consumption for Chrome Browser

Windows 10 offers efficient Battery Consumption for Chrome BrowserChrome browser is the most famous browser all around the world. Google Chrome browser is also disgraceful for extra power consumption to RAM and battery life. Now, Microsoft has discovered a mechanism to decrease its battery consumption running Windows 10 devices. Microsoft presented a way of potentially decreasing power consumption of Chrome in August 2019 by avoiding unwanted disk caching during watching videos. It critically impacts the battery life of a device and keeps the hard drive in an active state because this operation sucks up battery life. The latest Windows reports have indicated that Microsoft has also submitted a commit to the Chromium Gerrit.

The Chromium Gerrit is actually an online code collaboration tool. It enables people to work on the code of open-source projects, like the Chromium engine. The tool adds a check to verify that the device is running on battery and is not connected to AC power. The feature will only kick in when the device is using its battery and not when it’s plugged in. There has also been a tweak added that lets Chrome compare the size of HTTP response content. But, it will not cache content when file sizes are larger than the maximum file size. This operation keeps disc usage to a minimum level.

A Google Chrome engineer has now announced that the search giant is keen to experiment with these new features to see how they can improve battery consumption of Chrome. We could see these features land in an upcoming release of Chrome after successful experiments. It is noteworthy that Microsoft made these battery-saving changes instead of Google. Microsoft has released a new version of its Edge browser and working on improving the code of Chrome. It is based on a similar Chromium engine as Chrome. It will also helpful in finding ways to improve Edge after improving Chrome. Microsoft made at least 1,600 code contributions to Chromium in 2019. But, it is still hard to say that Chrome is the most used web browser in the world and runs better in Windows 10 operating system.

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