Significance of a Benchmarking APP in Android Devices

BenchmarkingIf you want to explore your android device, then you definitely need a benchmark app. A benchmark app is essential for every android device to keep a device up to date and to maintain check and balance on the device. Benchmark scores are always very important for the performance of a device. “Antutu benchmark” app is one of the best and most authentic applications. This app possesses more tools than others to verify a device.  This app works on almost all android devices and this application is very easy to use. One just needs to install this application on the device from Google play store as it is free and then just run this application. This app check the quality of the display by checking its resolution and 3D effect on screen by applying an auto play game effect while running, in this process a game play with very high graphics will run for few seconds on the screen to figure out the actual resolution of the display and also verifies the FPS which is very useful for the gamers playing heavy games on their devices and always needs a lag free result. Basically FPS result tells about the smoothness and speed of the game play and this rate is very much equal to the real user experience.

 After testing the display of the device, it will automatically start testing the other parts of the device like hardware and software. This time app will take extra few minutes, because this time the app will test each and every part of the device. This time it will check the RAM of the device and gives us all the information about the RAM of the device. RAM is always a major processing part of the device and the speed and smoothness of the device always depends on the RAM because all the running apps use RAM to process in background and on screen. It’s mean that the RAM is the one which keeps an app alive. So in the matter of RAM the bigger is better. So, a device always needs a bigger RAM like 2-4 GB for the better performance of the device. So, the benchmark app tells you about the size and efficiency of the RAM of the device.

Processor is the main part of a running device. A better device needs a powerful processor. So, this app also informs about the processor of the device. It defines the frequency and number of cores of the processor, and also tells us about the brand of the processor. Everyone needs to know about the run time of the device and need to know about the life of the battery, so the Antutu Benchmark App is enough. It will release your tensions about the battery timing of your device by telling you about the actual run time of the device according to the capacity of the battery. Considering all these features Antutu Benchmark App is simply amazing and clearly a must installed app in all android devices. It’s just not gives the score of performance but also compare it with other device in terms of performance score.

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