Samsung Having Partnership With Axel Springer For News App Platform of Galaxy Devices

SamsungApple is developing the most latest and exclusive mobile apps and providing news services for its Apple mobile lovers, but Samsung is also improving its news services as Samsung announced about its partnership with Axel Springer, an European newspapers publisher which includes Bild, Die Welt and Fakt, in order to develop its news platform that is called ‘UPDAY’. This platform is specific to the Samsung Galaxy devices and we found this Thursday that a beta version has been set on the Google Play store.

It is still unclear about the content strength provided there by Axel Springer that is providing particularly service for Samsung Galaxy news. The UPDAY is being oblique as ‘brought together news content platform’, including some selective stories for both algorithmically and managing by a number of local news editors’ team. The news platform would be restricted only for Galaxy device owners in Poland and Germany. These are the countries where Axel Springer is controlling then it will be moved to the other European markets and it is expected in 2016. Its next plan of moving to other European markets is relying on the success in Poland and Germany. Samsung thinking that the company has the potential and they have a number of chances in the future.

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