Primary Rules of New U.S Federal Law Announced for Self-Driving Cars

Primary Rules of New U.S Federal Law Announced for Self-Driving CarsA panel of the U.S House of Representatives has just showed a green signal on specific measure and after signing officially, it would become a law. It will allow thousands of autonomous vehicles to move on the road. Point to be noted the federal lawmakers have designed a more efficient safety laws. It has been considered a handsome first step in national regulations regarding the operation of self-driving vehicles. It will allow them to move on the streets while the final details are under process. Bloomberg has indicated that the bill handed over to the full House Energy and Commerce Committee. They will supposedly vote on it and it is expected at the start of next week, then it will be forwarded to the U.S House of Representatives in the month of August 2017.

The new law will exempt auto-manufacturers from U.S safety rules and permit them to bring their tens of thousands of self-driving vehicles on the roads of America. It is important that it will prohibit states from regulating their own mechanical, software and safety systems. Point to be noted that the draft was approved by a dual-party panel and Democrats are still showing their concerns regarding digital security requirements. The current version of the bill indicates that auto-manufacturers and Tech firms should need to establish a cyber security plan prior to bring their self-driving vehicles on the road. The new law will provide primary rules while the complete regulation will be declared after finalizing the entire discussions.

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