TikTok updates

New Updated Policies from TikTok to address 3 Major Social Issues

Multiple news outlets have confirmed that TikTok has announced a number of plans and policy updates for the latest technologies and new features. New plans and updates are specially designed for younger users to make the video-based social media platform much safer and more shielded. The recent move came to overcome some major issues pointed out by US Senators during an investigation over business practices from TikTok. Some of the issues include the popularity of eating tumble content and seriously dangerous pranks and frauds.

These are more critically harmful issues, especially for teens and youngsters. Now the famous social media platform is preparing a roadmap to address the most critical video-based content around hateful concepts such as LGBTQ and Minor Safety. New policies will involve age-appropriateness for content creators and V-bloggers. TikTok also planned to expand the policy to provide a much secure, integrated, accessible, and dependable environment to its platform.

New Rules for Chinese Apps from Biden Administration

The recent change in the policy came after an important announcement from the Biden administration. The White House administration is measuring new rules for Chinese apps to secure data for American users from exploitation by foreign devils. The company seeks to open more efficient Cyber Incident Monitoring & Investigative Response Centers in Dublin, Singapore, and Washington, D.C. It is part of efforts to expand security plans to prevent unauthorized access to TikTok accounts, contents, data, and systems.

One of the major changes in the TikTok policy includes a new approach to age confirmation. However, the digital services in the UK are designed to keep children and youngsters in mind. Now they have to obey legislative standards aimed at children’s privacy, parental controls, monitoring, and others. Meanwhile, the legislators in the United States are focused on updating the COPPA (children’s privacy law) to provide a secure environment for teens.

The video-based social platform already offered various product experiences for its users of different ages. TikTok is also developing a more advanced system to determine and block specific types of content to make it inaccessible for teens. However, the social platform hasn’t yet shared more information about the new system but will include 3 parts.

The first part describes the platform will enable its members to select levels of content maturity or comfort zones. The second part will allow parents to use the existing Family Pairing (parental control) feature for decision-making on behalf of their children. The third part will enable TikTok to ask content creators for more appropriateness about their content for teens and adult audiences.

Updated Content Policies from TikTok

TikTok also announced an update for content policies in 3 major areas including hateful concepts, harmful eating disorders, dangerous pranks & frauds. The company has already implemented policies to address these issues, but new updates will clarify and refine these policies. You can find more details after exploring its Community Guidelines.

The company is adding updates around prohibited topics in terms of hateful concepts. It will now specify that some practices will not be permitted. The restriction includes mentioning the wrong gender, deadnaming, and promoting conversion therapy programs. These subjects are already prohibited but the new announcement came after more concerns from civil society and content creators.

The second updated area shows an expanded focus on dangerous activities and other critical challenges such as deadly pranks. The company recently addressed these issues and updated its Safety Center and other resources following dangerous, upsetting, and fatal viral trends.

The third updated area is related to eating disorder content. TikTok is taking extraordinary measures after a major focus of the lawmaker’s hearing. The company has claimed for already removing eating disorder contents, such as Anorexia or Bulimia related contents. This area is considered more difficult because of the expressions and intensity involved in making these calls.

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