New Opera Browser Version 65 offers more Security and Privacy

New Opera Browser Version 65 offers more Security and PrivacyThe opera browser has become one of the efficient and user-friendly web browsers. It announced a tracker blocker for its browser with its previous release and now boosted it up by 20% by offering more perfect privacy to boot. The latest update would enable people to see a list of those trackers to get an idea of just how often advertisers and websites are watching you. Opera issued a press release and said, “Once you switch it on, a shield icon appears in the address bar where you can easily see the number of trackers being blocked, as well as a list of said trackers”.

The major objective is to enhance awareness of the pervasiveness of tracking for new users seeking a perfect and secure web browser. Moreover, it would be interesting to find exactly who is tracking you to prevent particularly domestic sites. You can turn the setting on globally with the easy setup menu and then toggle it on or off from each website. It is much similar as you do with a typical adblocker. The tracker blocker of Opera has the ability to detect specific scripts in order to block them. It speeds up web sites by more than 76% when paired with the ad-blocker.

Most websites at the other hand detect ad blockers and will refuse to load if you don’t disable them. They may catch on to tracker blocking. Opera has now announced a newly redesigned address bar. The new address bar offers suggestions based on your browser history when you start to type in a link or search. The company also redesigned the bookmarks and history bar, moving them over to a sidebar. People can now download new version 65 from the website of Opera. They will find a significant amount of secure and efficient web browser to search for websites on the Internet.

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