Microsoft added new features to its Edge Browser

Microsoft added new features to its Edge BrowserThe first stable version of the Microsoft Edge browser was released in January 2020. Microsoft Edge offers more privacy options than many other popular browsers. The new Microsoft Edge is based on the Chromium open-source project, unlike the previous version. The company has already made many improvements to its functionality over the past few months. The team is still working to present brand new features. There are some most important features added to the browser, along with some highly anticipated upcoming changes. The first is a new sidebar search option that allows users to search the web without leaving the current tab. The browser performs the search with Bing to display search results. The new search experience is a great productivity tool that eliminates the need to switch to a different tab to quickly search for something. You will also find the new Vertical tabs experience in the Edge browser.

You will be able to align your tabs on the left-hand side of the browser and manage large numbers of tabs simultaneously. The handy feature has been designed for users who like to open dozens of tabs at any given time. The vertical alignment of open tabs can help to improve productivity by making it easier to identify tabs at a glance. Point to be noted that Microsoft is currently testing this feature and it’s not available in the Stable version of the Edge browser. To get experience, you need to download the Canary or Dev version of Microsoft Edge. The Collections feature allows users to group web pages, images, and text snippets for their convenience. Users can compare product information before making a purchase decision. The new Microsoft Edge browser picked up support for multiple profiles earlier this year.

The new Profiles feature enables users to create multiple user profiles to keep work or personal content separate such as passwords, favorites, history, extensions, addresses, and other settings. It is noteworthy that Edge supports 2 types of profiles. Users can either create a cloud profile or a local profile. Microsoft Edge is now testing a Smart Copy experience that preserves the original formatting of the text if the user is copying it from a table. The headings, paragraphs, and tables are pasted correctly into an email or document. However, you need to be running the Canary build of Microsoft Edge to use Smart Copy. The Web Capture feature allows users to capture screenshots of the web pages and share them with their colleagues. The QR code generator feature allows users to share websites between PCs and mobile devices by scanning a QR code.

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