Google will add more Global Cloud Regions in 2021

Google will add more Global Cloud Regions in 2021Google capped off a busy 2020 by announcing some of its cloud plans for 2021. Google Cloud is adding 3 new global regions to its network, including Chile, Saudi Arabia, and a 2nd region in Germany. Each of the Google Cloud regions in turn will have three availability zones within them. Google defines a region as geography in which services are available, while availability zones provide additional resiliency within a given region. The Saudi Arabia region is being developed as a partnership with Dhahran, Saudi Arabia-based Saudi Aramco Development Company. The market for cloud services in Saudi Arabia is forecast to reach up to $10 billion by 2030. On 21st December 2020, Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian said, “We are committed to helping businesses modernize and accelerate their digital transformations with Google Cloud”.

Kurian added, “With this agreement, Google Cloud’s innovative technology and solutions will be available to global customers and enterprises in Saudi Arabia to enable them to better serve end consumers”. However, the Google Cloud region in Saudi Arabia is the first for the country, Germany will be getting its second region, joining the existing Frankfurt region, also known as Europe-west3. Among the organizations that will benefit from the second region in Germany is the Deutsche Börse Group, a leading financial exchange. The chief cloud officer at Deutsche Börse Group, Michael Girg issued a statement and said, “A second Google Cloud region in Germany will provide even more capacity and technical runway to scale our business”. Google is closing out 2020 with 24 regions in 17 different countries around the world. The tech giant launched four new cloud regions, including two in the U.S. with Las Vegas and Salt Lake City.

The other regions opened in 2020 are Jakarta, Indonesia, and Seoul, South Korea. Moreover, Google announced this year that it plans to open new regions in Doha, Qatar, Madrid, Spain, Milan, Italy, and Paris. The new regions enable Google to support more customers. The company has also been busy in December enhancing its services. The Monitoring Query Language (MQL) for cloud monitoring became generally available on 16th Dec 2020. The MQL promise that it can help to enable cloud users to get a more granular view of their cloud deployments. Google’s service documentation says, “Monitoring Query Language (MQL) provides an expressive, text-based interface to Cloud Monitoring time-series data. By using MQL, you can retrieve, filter, and manipulate time-series data”. Google is also making it easier to deploy its Cloud Run serverless container service.

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