Find the Hidden feature in an Apple iPhone App

Find the Hidden feature in an Apple iPhone AppMost tech companies don’t have a practice of hiding apps from their users and customers because they need to use them. We have experienced there is an Apple iPhone app and it is currently concealed on your smartphones. It isn’t still visible on the App Library or your home screen. This specific app feature is called the Code Scanner. However, you will not be able to find it by browsing app icons, but you can find it by swiping down on your home screen to bring up search, then typing its name, or just Code or Scanner. This specific app feature was highlighted by Gadget Hacks. It can be used to scan QR codes and the new-with-iOS 14 App Clip codes after launching the app feature. Point to be noted that the Camera app can already do this.

However, Apple doesn’t feel the need to advertise the presence of this app feature. It slightly differs from the Camera’s implementation as it opens the links from scanned codes in an in-app browser. But, it will open them in Safari if you use the Camera. This will probably be of minimal usefulness to most people but it’s an interesting find. It is attentive that Apple has doubled up on this feature or just let it linger in the background of the phone. If you do take to Code Scanner then you can also make it easier to launch by adding it to Control Center. You will need to head into Settings to initiate, select Control Center and drag Code Scanner up into the selection of visible shortcuts.

It is noteworthy that Code Scanner shouldn’t be considered a new thing, but you have just found a new name. Some previous versions of this app found existing in earlier versions of iOS, under the names Scan QR Code and QR Code Reader. It was also speculated that the name was changed again now to remove reference to QR since it can also scan App Clip codes. There is one other important thing to bear in mind that Code Scanner doesn’t save your scanned codes or the page that it opens for them in its browser. Keep in mind that they will be gone once you close the app.

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