Enhance Laptop Battery Life using these Simple Steps

Increase Laptop Battery LifeModern laptops are much more efficient compared to their predecessors but some earlier versions need to increase battery life. However, some devices often endure for 14 hours or more but inexpensive desktop-replacement laptops and some gaming behemoths can last for more than eight hours on a single charge. You should pay attention to some key factors such as your power settings, how many apps you’re running, even the temperature of the room in which you’re working. You will find the least-effort ways to get the most out of your laptop’s battery. Point to be noted that the first step for your battery-life betterment is the Windows performance management tool.

There is a slider accessed from the battery icon in the taskbar in Windows 10. You will find it in Settings > System > Power & Battery > Power Mode while running Windows 11 OS. It is designed to group all of the settings that affect battery life into a few easy-to-understand categories. The company that made your PC determines exactly which settings the battery slider controls. But you should keep the following guidelines in mind.

The Best Performance mode is for people who need to trade off battery runtime to get speed and responsiveness. Windows won’t stop apps running in the background from consuming a lot of power in this mode.
The Better Performance or (Recommended) mode limits resources for background apps, but it otherwise prioritizes power over efficiency.
The Better Battery mode provides longer battery life compared to the default settings on previous versions of Windows.
The Battery Saver mode is a slider choice and will appear only when your PC is unplugged. It reduces the display brightness by 30%, prevents Windows Update downloads, stops the Mail app from syncing, and suspends most background apps.

It is noteworthy that the recent Mac laptops running up-to-date versions of macOS have an extensive battery and power settings that you can control. Open the System Preferences app in macOS Monterey and click on Battery. Make sure that “Slightly dim the display while on battery power” is checked, and “Enable Power Nap while on battery power” is unchecked. The display brightness adjusts to 75% on recent MacBook Pro laptops when you unplug the computer from power if you have enabled “Slightly dim the display while on battery power” mode.

However, it depends on which MacBook and which version of macOS you have, you may see additional options in the Energy Saver preferences pane. These include “Optimize video streaming while on battery” for disabling HDR video playback and “Optimized battery charging”. Some Macs also have an Energy Mode setting, much similar to the Windows performance management tool. If you see Energy Mode in the Battery section of system preferences, you will find these options.

Low Power: Reduce energy usage to increase battery life.
Automatic: Have your Mac automatically use the best performance level.
High Power: Increase energy usage to improve performance during sustained workloads.

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