Apple’s iPad Pro at $600 with 32GB and $750 with 128GB

mg-1495-1-ed-1The sale of iPad was at the peak in the summer holidays of 2013, possibly not by chance. It was happened when the tablet lineup of Apple was at the most convincing level. Apple had introduced the iPad Air, iPad Mini 2 and its latest design of 9.7 inch tablet. Those tablets were unique according to their specs that made it easy in picking one of them. Apple is still offering its older iPads in both sizes of screens. The sale of iPad has been reached at the top level for the last two years, which is estimated at more than 26 million. This amount was dropped at 16 million in the summer holiday in 2015.

It is supposed that Apple is now seriously looking to find a perfect tablet to come-back again. The new iPad Pro 9.7 inch is considered the perfect solution in finding a remarkable tablet. It is assumed that iPad Air 2 has become the successor of 18 months because it has the same weight and size and its screen size got more popularity among its users. Apple has rejected the traditional price as it was at 500 U.S dollars. Now it’s pricing starts from 600 U.S dollars and Apple believes that latest iPad Pro technology will not be too costly. It also has the capability to support Apple Pencil and Smart-keyboard with compatibility of four-speaker system and A9X processor. You can get a 9.7 inch iPad Pro at 600 U.S dollars with 32GB of internal storage and at 750 U.S dollars with 128GB of internal storage.

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