Android is Sweeter than Ever with MARSHMALLOW

android marshmallowAndroid OS is always considered as the soul of the android device. Android lollipop is the most demanding version and it is running on almost all devices as it has some awesome features like themes and other shortcuts in this version of OS. But android OS got a new update. This time android OS is updated to 6.0 and the name of this version is MARSHMALLOW. Marshmallow means a sweet soft candy. This new update of android OS is just amazing as it has cooler features than ever.

The coolest feature o’f this new theme is that it contains the feature of fingerprint scanner. This feature just made everything easier for all people with online accounts. Whenever someone made an online account a password is needed to access this account and not just a password but a strong password. Most of the time people forgot their passwords and then try to recover it and the process of recovery is also lengthy and difficult. If they are not able to recover it then they lose everything related to the account. But, new Android OS has a fingerprint scanner due to which you don’t need to remember difficult passwords and no need to take tension because password is now on your fingers. But, this feature is only available for smart phones with fingerprint scanner.

In this new update, there are messages with emojis and at least 200 new emojis added to this new android update. Now you don’t need to download different emoji Apps to make your messages more creative. Because there are 200 more faces are available for your messages to impress others. Android MARSHMALLOW is sweeter than ever as it has a battery saver too. So, you don’t need to worry about the battery life because the new MARSHMALLOW has all the solutions to make you feel relaxed about the battery timing of your device. The battery saver feature named as DOZE.

This new update also has the smartest shortcut to access almost all the applications of your device with just one tap. It has all the developer options which you want to take control of your device. In this new update you have given the option to limit the access of the apps to feel comfortable with your device. The MARSHMALLOW is available with 74+ languages. Wi-Fi got more power with this update as 5GH bands. All these features made this android version sweeter than ever.

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