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IphoneApple is launching new bigger iPhones with 4.7 and 5.5 inch screen sizes in China next month. The iPhones will be shipped to retailers in September according to Apple suppliers. The current iPhones, if measured corner to corner have 4.0 inch screen. The screen is smaller than its competitors in the market like Samsung Galaxy S5.  The Apple competitor Samsung launched Samsung Galaxy S5 against iPhone 5s with the bigger screen of 5.1 inch display.

Now realizing the actual demand of the customers in China and other countries Apple decided to launch its new iPhone with the 5.5 inch mega screen to defeat its competitors in the market. We realized that the desire for bigger display screen is rising in people with the every passing day especially in the developing countries of the world and these developing nations can bring lots of business for Apple. The Apple users often wait for September or October for new Apple versions. In the latest version, the iPhone is launching bigger screen after realizing the demand for such phones in the Asian countries where it has a bigger market to sale its product.

The Samsung and other iPhones succeeded in Asia and other developing countries only because of bigger display screen. Apple is expecting huge business from these countries by launching new version of iPhone in China and its neighboring countries. The analysts have seen huge demand for iPhones with larger display screen in Asia where Samsung and other brands earned enough profit.

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