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Apple Music student users were getting 50% off and now started ending the discount for people around the world. Mac Rumors discovered in May that users will experience a price hike in various regions including South Africa and Australia. The recent change has now arrived in the US, Canada, and the UK services. However, Apple hasn’t yet publicly announced the change.

But various subscribers have reported the changes that were enjoying the previous rate. It was first mentioned on Twitter at some point between June 22 and June 24. It is important that Apple Music for students reportedly went up to £5.99 a month in the United Kingdom. Apple Music for students increased to $5.99 a month in the United States and Canada.

Moreover, the Way back Machine entry for June 21 has shown the previous price still unharmed prior to arriving 20% increase. The company forwarded emails to confirm changes after making similar changes in various other countries in May. But any user in the US, UK, or Canada hasn’t yet received such an email. The change only applies to student accounts without impacting $9.99 for an Individual account or $14.99 for a Family package.

There is a Battle Between Spotify and Apple Music

It is a perfect time for students to find other options trying to make every dollar and cent count. However, an extra dollar a month would just add up to around $12/ year. But they will find a chance to save money if they make a shift to streaming services. It marks a precious point to the ultimate in a massive battle between Apple Music and Spotify.

It comes with a free subscription to Hulu and Showtime with its student package at just a $4.99 per month plan. However, you can also get a month’s free trial if you are on the barrier. It seems an efficient approach if the sound quality is an important element to you. Spotify has yet to announce its promising HiFi upgrade but Apple Music has Spatial Audio with efficient tracks.

Apple Music Subscribers Will Get Extra Cloud Storage

Moreover, an Apple One account is important if you are an iPhone user or an Apple Music subscriber. You can get the likes of Music, Arcade, and TV Plus in a bundle with one discounted monthly subscription. Users will also get an extra amount of cloud storage with the subscription package. Keep in mind that there isn’t any student discount, but $14.99 per month isn’t a bad option if you need all the services.

TechCrunch also reported that Apple Music has increased the price of its student plan in the US, UK, and Canada. However, the new price plan for the United States and Canada has increased from $4.99 to $5.99. The company also increased prices in the United Kingdom from £4.99 to £5.99. It is noteworthy that the price increase plan is now visible on Apple’s website.

Plan for Individual Remains the Same in the US, UK, and Canada

The news outlet also said the plan for individuals is still the same in the US and Canada at $9.99. However, the plan for individuals remains the same at £9.99 in the United Kingdom. Apple Music offered a 50% discount for student plan monthly subscription before the new changes. The company is now offering a 40% discount for the standard Apple Music subscription to encourage people.

It is important that the Apple Music Family plan is still the same at $14.99 per month. However, Apple increased the price of the Apple Music student plan in May in various countries. These countries include Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Israel, New Zealand, and many others. The new service is aimed largely at Air Pods and Home Pod speakers.

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