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Several virtual tech events took place in 2020 and 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. These virtual events were designed to engage more people around the world. Some of the best tech events were organized virtually including the CES Tech Event, ADOBE Summit, and Search Marketing exhibition. Various events were also canceled or organized virtually including CES at Las Vegas.

However, online virtual events provided a path for more effective and excellent options for most companies. The in-person events are considered more beneficial to give a much better networking experience. It efficiently motivated on-site testing of the latest technologies, partnerships building, and strengthening relationships.

Seminars, industry meetings, and participating in face-to-face shows are more important to be up in front of possible challengers. It would enable you to stay updated with the latest trends, get experience & knowledge, and create a more reliable business model. The following are some of the most important events scheduled for 2022.

Major Events Scheduled for 2022

CES Las Vegas Event 2022

The CES (Consumer Electronics Show) organizes its remarkable trade show every year in the US at Las Vegas Convention Center. In 2020, it managed the 53rd show, in which Uber and Hyundai announced a joint venture to build a flying taxi.

Flying taxis will be 100% electrically-powered with a carrying capacity feature of 4-passengers. A new Panasonic TV with a 120 Hz display was also announced at the event.

CES event 2022 is expected to bring back the tech industry to an excellent experience with inventions such as automotive tech, smart home, gaming, etc. At least 1100 companies are expected to participate from all around the world. The event is scheduled from Jan 5-8 in Las Vegas, while the Covid-19 vaccination certificate is essential.

GEO Week 2022

The major events at Geo week 2021 were focused on nexus thinking. It requires you to consider food, water, energy, and their affiliations instead of viewing them in isolation. The event combines the tradeshow floor and conference.

It is noteworthy that International Lidar Mapping Forum, AEC Next Technology Expo & Conference, SPAR 3D Expo & Conference, USIBD Annual Symposium, and ASPRS Annual Conference will form Geo Week.

Denver Colorado Venue

The event is scheduled to take place from Feb 6-8 in Denver. People are registering to participate in the event using their official website.

The deputy of NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s Lead Ops Lab, Alexander Menzies is expected to present an amazing event, “Telescope Tomorrow”.

NRF Event 2022

The major objective of NRF 2021 included massive digital compression. It forced companies to convert into digital transformation.

However, the industry experienced at least 10 years of digital growth in just 3 months. This Big Retail Show is a major event and is expected to bring the industry together to manage key issues of retail in NRF 2022.

Las Vegas Venue

The event is expected to take place on 14-17 March 2022, in Orlando and a great event will also be held on 23-27 April 2022.

One can register from their official website to attend this amazing and remarkable event.

NAB Show Event 2022

A large number of companies will participate to showcase the latest technologies and trends that are boosting the future of entertainment and media.

The NAB Show 2022 will provide access to entire tools and technologies to accept new changes. 

Big Data & AI World Event 2022

The new data bricks product was described as the first open protocol of the industry for dependable and secure data sharing in 2021. The platform presented the new data-sharing tech using an efficient interface to efficiently connect readers and data providers.

Big Data & AI World event will offer the discovery of reliable solutions. The event is scheduled from 2-3 March 2020 at Excel, London United Kingdom.

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