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On Thursday, Samsung Electronics announced that the support for the new HDR10+ GAMING standard will be offered in select 2022 4K TVs, 8K TVs, and gaming monitors. Gamers will experience immersive and ultra-responsive HDR gaming. The new advanced HDR gameplay will be announced at CES 2020 with NVIDIA GPUs powered 4K and 8K game titles. The Executive Vice President and Head of R&D Team, Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics, Seokwoo Yong issued a statement. He said, “We are extremely proud to announce that the new HDR10+ GAMING standard will be adopted by 2022 Neo QLED line up Samsung with the Q70 TV series & above, and gaming monitors. It would allow users to enjoy a game-changing experience through cutting-edge visuals and richer, life-like images”.

Yong added, “Samsung will continue to invest in users’ viewing experiences as technology continues to advance and provide improved new features and effectiveness”. Point to be noted that HDR10+ Technologies, LLC, developed this new standard and it provides tools to developers according to their desire. It gives an attractive and powerful HDR gaming experience to gamers without the need for manual adjustment across many display technologies for multiple input sources, such as PCs, Consoles, and more. Moreover, the 2022 TV and gaming monitor lineup of Samsung will support the HDR10+ GAMING standard. It would allow automated HDR settings to provide top-level picture quality to meet the demands of game developers. The recent move will provide the most responsive and efficient gaming experiences available to date.

Some gaming companies such as Saber Interactive are expected to announce their HDR10+ GAMING titles during the upcoming CES 2022. The head of publishing at Saber Interactive, Todd Hollenshead said, “We are very excited to help usher in a new era of video game picture quality. By adopting HDR10+ GAMING, gamers of all ages will enjoy cutting-edge visuals for the best overall gaming experience. The HDR10+ GAMING standard is genuinely raising the bar. We are proud to be at the forefront of bringing it to market with games such as Redout 2, the fastest 8K anti-gravity racer ever made, and the king of digital pinball with Pinball FX brought to life in a brand-new way”. HDR10+ provides superior picture quality with optimized brightness & contrast scene-by-scene or frame-by-frame, with more perfect color expression.

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