Monthly Archives: April 2016

67 Million U.S Dollars Granted for Solar Electric Power Project of NASA

nasa-solar-electric-propulsion-1400NASA is has potential for solar electric thrust with better reasons such as its Dawn spacecraft is using it. They are able to supply power for a large amount of time prior to give up the ghost, but the engines are not too powerful. It was said that NASA is now ready to double with its efficient technology. At least 67 million U.S dollars granted for a three year contract Continue reading

The ICYMI Disclosed Self-Assembling Nanowire and Mars Bus Tour

519621028_cv1_embedStandardThe Rice University has invented “Nanotubes” that have the capability to self-assemble into “Nanowire” too quickly. But, if you have missed it, Lockheed Martin is motivating kids in getting into STEM with a Mars Experience Bus. This bus has large displays and it looks like they are originally driving on the surface of Mars. The Yamaha also invented an acoustic guitar Continue reading