Monthly Archives: March 2016

Apple’s iPad Pro at $600 with 32GB and $750 with 128GB

mg-1495-1-ed-1The sale of iPad was at the peak in the summer holidays of 2013, possibly not by chance. It was happened when the tablet lineup of Apple was at the most convincing level. Apple had introduced the iPad Air, iPad Mini 2 and its latest design of 9.7 inch tablet. Those tablets were unique according to their specs that made it easy in picking one of them. Apple is still offering its older iPads in both sizes of screens. Continue reading

The Smaller iPad Pro of Apple has 9.7-Inch with Amazing Features

_MG_1490-edAfter playing with the new smaller pro, you would realize that it is basically the iPad Air 2 sequel. You can find here all the broad strokes of iPad Pro from the magnificent and strong A9X chipset with the setup of four speakers to Smart Connector for accessories such as magnetically connecting keyboard of Apple. Amazing feature is that Apple Pencil also works with much better performance. Continue reading