Monthly Archives: November 2015

No Power to be Needed for the Coming Smartphone’s Screen

Future SmartphoneAs most of us are well aware with the screens of smart-phone that consumes a lot of battery power. It would turn down your performance of brightness significantly and you must need any alternate to save energy not close any app. The Bodle Technologies has introduced a new way and your display can be visible without any issue. Future Smartphone to be Needed No Power. Continue reading

Pebble Enables its Watches to Reply Texts for Devices on iOS

PebbleA number of Pebble users will be able to send reply using text messages by using their devices. This is for those that are linking their smart-watch to an iPhone, because it is beta release and most of the features and available for a specific amount of people until now. You should have a Time Steel, Time Round or Pebble Time model in order to access and get the experience of it. Continue reading

FanDuel and DraftKing Striving Hard to Keep their Sports Games Alive in the US

FanDuelFanDuel and DraftKings could have tasted off more than they can masticate when they accused New York to preserve their daily imagination of sports games energetic in the state. The early self-regulated corporate policies of FanDuel have considered as demonstration and a number of them were found to assure uncertainties regarding staff addicted their power Continue reading