Monthly Archives: September 2015

The Moto X – A Smartphone Par Excellence

Moto XThe Motorola is introducing the Moto X Pure edition, it is considered as perfect in power and price. Its price is much lower off contract at 400 U.S dollars. It would be the most perfect and best smart-phone in the markets. Most of the cheaper off contract smart-phones are getting popularity in the markets. This new smart-phone has some important features such as customizable and sleek design, Continue reading

Sony’s Coming Xperia Z5 to be the First Phone with 4k Screen

Sony Xperia Z5A video leaked by a website, and posted that Xperia Z5 flagship would be the first smart-phone having 4K screen and it will be launched very soon by Sony Company. The Video is showing that marketing director of Sony said that Sony Company is looking to release two models of Z5 one is 5.2 inch Z5 and other is 5.5 inch  Z5 which is called Premium. Continue reading