Monthly Archives: June 2015

Samsung to Launch Many More Tizen Smartphones this Year

TizenIt is attractive to think of Tizen when we talk about smart-phone world next to powerhouses such as iOS and Android, but we don’t consider that it is totally correct because Samsung has been sold more than 1 million Z1 phones since January in India. Actually, there are a number of signs that the Korean firm is increasing multiple times on its in-house platform completely. Continue reading

Gaming Glove for VR is Expected Soon

Gaming GloveThe headsets are being involved in providing more power to a new wave of virtual reality for gaming lovers, whether it is Oculus Rift, Hololens by Microsoft, Vive by HTC or Project Morpheus by Sony. Some other VR devices are in this battle field such as FOVE, Razer and many more. It is also expected that next generation of gaming will be something like wearing such elements on your face. Continue reading

Next iPhone to be Without Home Button

iPhone Without Home ButtonThe iPhone, iPod and iPad home button is iconic and it is straight away understandable. The new version on Apple’s latest devices will show off with Touch ID integration. The Digitimes sources from Taiwan said that the Cupertino firm is working to eliminate the Apple’s home button. Point to be noted that Apple is also developing touch and display driver integration (TDDI) button in one single chip, Continue reading

Dark Sky New App to Turn Your iPhone into Barometer

Dark SkyYou can get weather forecasts from your mobiles; it is now to improve those forecasts. Dark Sky has released its iOS app a big improvement which uses the barometer on your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus to analyze the pressure readings. Experts hoping that it would improve radically for short term weather forecasts in the future. You will find that it is about to rain because iPhone gives you an alert for it. Continue reading

Galaxy Keyboard Exploit Fixed: Samsung

Samsung GalaxyFinally, Samsung has announced a major security problem that disturbed the keyboards on its Samsung Galaxy tablets and smart-phones. Earlier this week, the security firm NowSecure issued a statement about this disturbance. It allowed the hackers to implement code on Samsung mobile devices. Today, Samsung has declared that company is issuing security policies for its mobile devices in next few days. Continue reading