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iPhone 6 ? What New Leaked Photos Reveal

leakedIn this image, we can see iPhone 6 in retail packaging. May be any Apple tester leaked this image with public to show its final appurtenance in a retail packaging box. According to reports, iPhone 6 will be launched on 9th of Sep and it will be available on Apple stores on 19th of Sep. it is an old tradition of Apple that it release its major products on Friday. These are some of the exciting features that we can see in these images. Continue reading

iPhone 6 : Sept. 9 Launch Announcement and Revenue Guidance of Cupertino Giant

iPhone 6Apple earned $37.5 billion last year by selling 33.8 million iPhone units in the world market. You should know that Apple is going to sell 78 million units of iPhone in the market that will hopefully earn more than double than that of its previous revenue. Apple insider believes that Apple is launching its flagship iPhone 6 on 12th of September 2014 on Friday. It is normal practice that Apple launches its new products on Friday every year. Continue reading

Apple Orders 70-80 Million Units of Two iPhone 6 Versions

Some people were expecting the delay of iPhone 6 for the next 12 months. Contrary to their expectations, Apple ordering 70-80 million unites for it’s newly iPhone 6 that will be in the market by the end of this year. In the beginning Apple decided to produce 50-60 million units of iPhone 6 but after complete research and analysis it decided to increase the production of iPhone 6 by 70-80 million unites. Continue reading