Twitter has blocked Distributed Denial of Secrets ‘BlueLeaks’ from Sharing Links

Twitter has blocked Distributed Denial of Secrets ‘BlueLeaks’ from Sharing LinksTwitter has permanently suspended the Twitter account of a group of journalists and activists ‘Distributed Denial of Secrets’. The group obtained the 269GB trove of files and published with the ‘BlueLeaks’. A Twitter spokesperson said the company decided to take action because Distributed Denial of Secrets has admitted the 269GB of information came from the hacktivist group. The social media platform imposed a rule last year and banned users from sharing hacked information on the platform. The policy says you can discuss a hack that has taken place, but posting the hacked content in an image, text, or via a link is a violation.

The company has indicated the other reason Twitter decided to take down the account is due to the 269GB data dump contains unrelated personal information of various people. It might put them at risk of harm. The Distributed Denial of Secrets has been hosting the data dump on a searchable website since last Friday. It allowed the public to scrutinize the internal communications of the FBI and over 200 police departments in the United States. It is noteworthy that the leak sparked a number of Twitter users to share links to the website, including images of internal FBI documents found in the data dump. But, the company started blocking users on Tuesday from hosting tweets linked to the website.

Twitter will serve up a generic warning for older tweets that were already posted and link to the website. Distributed Denial of Secrets responded and alleged Twitter of trying to silence whistleblowing. A journalist and member of the group, Emma Best tweeted and said, “Twitter doesn’t want you watching the watchers”. Point to be noted that critics also point out that WikiLeaks in the past has been allowed to share hacked materials on the social media site. Twitter hasn’t commented on the discrepancy, but the company only introduced its policy against sharing hacked materials in March 2019.

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