Store any Type of Status Update Using New Facebook Albums

Store any Type of Status Update Using New Facebook AlbumsNow, you can create your own Facebook album of an event or a trip. You can also stir everything in there for future generations, not only photographs and videos. It means if you are updating text-only status or checked-into a hotel, a restaurant, a tourist spot, a theme park or anywhere else, you will be able to add your all desired items into the album for your specific outing. TechCrunch indicated that Facebook has already started announcing the supposed changes to the web and to Android devices. We were unable to find exact date for iOS, but iPhones and iPads will be able to get new features very soon. Now, you can select a Featured album to display on your profile.

It would allow you to compile and categorize any type of status update. So, if you have crazy adventures friends, you will be able to follow them to get notified regarding their updated adventure. But, if you are also moving with them on adventures, you can all participate on just single album. Facebook has offered a much easier process and you just need to switch ON the option while you are creating a new one. You can also tell grow full and more attractive story with each & every folder in your own collection. The social giant has clearly mentioned its objective in creating and maintaining albums with more personal and interactive way, supposedly a way to compete with its youth focusing approach such as Snapchat.

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