“Save” Facebook New Feature to Read Your Exciting Stuff Later

introducingsaved2-facebookNow users will be allowed to create a list of their favorite music, videos and other interesting articles on Facebook to read and watch in the leisure time. The save button on the Facebook will allow the users to perform this action for users. Sometime we don’t have time to see the specific videos, photos or contents due to shortage of time that we like most. Unfortunately we often miss these contents on Facebook.

Looking this user experience Facebook developers are going to add save button for those contents that you want to see in your free time or when you want to see them. The system will allow you to choose interesting contents from your feed to see them in the free time, when there is much news in your news feed. The saved item will be viewable under the more tab and it will be same for Smartphone and standard browser of your personal computer. The Facebook took this step to beat its competitors as well. The competitors of Facebook like Instapaper and Pocket are already offering this service for their users. The save facility will be a plus point in the services of Facebook.

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