Now Unsecure Shopping Site will be Flagged by Chrome

Chrome warnsMost people believe that online shopping and paying bills is amazing, but it is hard to find that the site we are using is secured and protecting your personal sensitive information. The new update of Chrome would make it easier for you. So, if you are using a site asking for credit card info or password, but not using HTTPS, it will be flagged as “Not Secure” in red with a warning sign in the address field. It has been assumed that Google is using these factual rosy tint letters in a way to enhance its HTTPS for all steam. A post on the Chromium blog also indicated that the reload speed of the page has been lifted up by at least 28 percent for one specific website on mobile phone.

Now, you will experience a simplified reload behavior of Chrome on mobile in order to authenticate the major resource and to continue with a normal page reload. This new performance would enhance the reuse of cached resources and the outcome in less delay, power and usage. Takashi Toyoshima has indicated that Facebook made a contact with the company and declared that Chrome was using 3 times faster for validation requests as compared to other browsers. These changes have resulted in speed boosting for reloads, especially on the social network. But, it is still unclear that such boosted performance is being applied across entire web.

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