News Feed Update of Facebook Can Work With Weak Signals

FacebookIt is true that Facebook is internet dependant, but most of the people that are using internet always experiencing bad and poor speed with their internet connections. You always work offline or utilizing the internet facilities to become a part of the internet family, but you will find rarely the fast speed with your internet connection. The company is presenting a new mechanism for your mobile devices. They are now testing a mobile News Feed update. It will recheck that which stories have been cashed on your mobile devices and indicates latest ones that you didn’t see but relevant.

Most important thing is that this test would take new stories time to time, but a reliable internet connection is much necessary. Basically, this test will always provide you the latest and fresh contents to read. You often have some limited interference when you are offline. Facebook will enable you to give comments on multiple posts even if you are not working online, but it would synchronize when you will be online. Now it is possible to wish someone a happy birthday even if you are on a flight or at any other place where you don’t have any internet connection or WiFi available. It is still not confirmed that when this News Feed update will be available for the public.

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