JavaScript attachments will be blocked by Gmail from 13th Feb 2017

Gmail will start blocking JavaScriptOur authentic sources informed that Google has been focusing in making perfect security for its Gmail users. Now, if you want to send an email to somebody in .js file format for any reason, you have just a couple of weeks to do this task using your Gmail account. The Gmail service officials have confirmed that the service will start blocking the JavaScript file attachments. The officials also indicated that the blocking will begin on 13th February 2017. The restricted file types include .exe, .bat, and .msc. If you try to make an attachment of .js file after the 13th Feb 2017, you will experience to see a notification by mentioning that it has blocked “due to attached content has a potential security issue”.

It is important that the JavaScript files aren’t being considered fundamentally bad, but a large number of people attach them to emails, so when you click on it, it will act as a downloader for a some types of malware. Now, Gmail will automatically detect .js files even if those files are being sent as .zip, .bz2, .gz or tgz format. It you still need to send one such file to one of your friend or co-worker, the Company will recommend you to upload it to Google Drive rather than attaching with an email.

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