Facebook has started Crackdown against Violent Groups and Pages

Facebook has started Crackdown against Violent Groups and PagesFacebook is working hard and improving its platform to prevent fake news, violence, and other critical social issues disturbing the behavior of social media users. The social media giant isn’t only limiting the spread of boogaloo groups on its platform, it’s rocking many of those groups out. So, the company has now banned accounts and pages from the pro-civil-war group after considering a violent network that breaks the company’s Dangerous Individuals and Organizations policy. Facebook initially removed 220 accounts, 106 groups, 28 pages, and 95 Instagram accounts as part of a strategic network disruption.

It is noteworthy that more 400 groups and 100 Pages were pulled for hosting related material that was maintained by accounts outside of the network. Facebook has also confirmed that the company had always deleted boogaloo content that explicitly advocated violence. The alleged group includes 800 posts over the last 2 months. It also limited the reach of groups and pages by taking them out of recommendations. Moreover, it has since decided that much of the movement is inherently violent. Facebook has indicated that it’s actively promoting violence against civilians, government officials, and police.

The social media giant said there have been multiple real-world attacks in recent months. There’s still more to do after this, but it didn’t elaborate on what that meant. Point to be noted that the bans may spark more of an uproar than usual. They effectively place many boogaloo supporters in the same category as hate groups.  Facebook has confirmed that there are clearly violent boogaloo members and it’s also known to have a relatively varied base that includes some non-violent critics of the government. Facebook also said that it was cracking down only on those members that pose the greatest risk of real harm. But, it may not be reassuring to those who feel they’ve been defamed by the crackdown.

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