Facebook to Fight against Password Leaks

FacebookThe security department o Facebook is taking measures to protect the user data after rumors that Facebook data being leaked on different hacker’s websites. Facebook is using automated process to monitor the data worldwide. The system will inform Facebook security department when some unusual thing happens anywhere in the world.Facebook is monitoring pastebin and many other hacker websites where such data can be found. The Facebook security department announced that its engineers are looking for such websites where any personal information or data of a Facebook user can be found.

When the data is found, this data is matched with the user data available at Facebook data center to verify the leakage. The security system of Facebook will inform the user whose data could be found at any hacker website to take security measures. Facebook is also issuing security instructions to its users to avoid such things in future. Prior this, the Adobe was also hacked in 2013, since then, the Facebook is taking measures to control this situation on the permanent ground. The security department also suggests that two steps security procedures are always in the favor of a user so that it remains protected.

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