Facebook Changing the Way of Traditional Journalism

FacebookMany of the people who have read this news regarding the Facebook is changing the way its users consume Journalism, and many of the Facebook fans will enjoy this type of thing. Mr. Marra, who is a facebook engineer calculated this event as the most entertaining event for the Facebook users. MR. Marra’ team designs the code the derives Facebook’s News Feed, the stream of updates, videos, Stories, that is seen by the users. This person has also been becoming the one of the most influential personalities in the news business. Facebook has now become the fifth largest websites of the world, with more than 1.3 billion people logging on a least monthly. It drives upto 20% of traffic to the news sites, and these figures are evaluated from the Simple Reach. The mobile readers, and percentage of the mobile phone devices continues to increase. This social media is tending to become the News business at all, with the increasingly number of the mobile phone users. According to the Research, it has been find out that more than 30% of the mobile phone users get their news on Facebook. Though other services like Twitter and Google can also exert a pressure, Facebook is at the forefront of a fundamental chance how people consume Journalism. Most Journalists come to it not through the print editions of news papers and magazines or their home pages online. But through social media and search engines driven by algorithms, a mathematical formula that predicts what users might want to read.

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