Cyber-Attack during opening ceremony of 2018 Winter Games

cyber-attack 2018 winter gamesThe Olympics officials have confirmed that skeptical and doubtful activity found on Olympics systems during the opening ceremony of 2018 winter games. The PyeongChang organizers have confirmed it as a cyber-attack and said that someone endangered internet and TV services during the parade of athletes. A spokesman Sung Baik-you said that everything had been resolved and secured by the 9th. He indicated that they have discovered the cause of the attack. The PyeongChang organizers discussed with the International Olympics Committee and decided not to disclose the source of the attack. Their statement points out the alleged attack connected to Russia. It is because Russia has been banned to participate in the Winter Olympics due to its doping program.

The security investigators had discovered some evidence that Russian-based hackers can interrupt the games as retaliation. Russia tried to head off allegations in the past by claiming that the Western press will manage “pseudo-investigations”, but without any evidence. The recent claim will carry limited weight due to Russia denied all attacks despite any proof. Russian-backed hackers were found in leaking the files of athletes following the 2016 summer games in Rio. It is important that North Korea is only 50 miles from PyeongChang. But, it will not try to disrupt games because its athletes are contesting alongside South Korea. 2018 winter games will be used to offer a summit between Kim Jong-un and Moon Jae-in.

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