Chrome Ads Filter will work from Tomorrow: Google

Chrome Ads FilterChrome will offer its built-in ads filter tomorrow. It will enable Chrome users in keeping the most disturbing types of ads on the internet out of sight without using any other ad blocker. A Chromium blog post has indicated that Google has announced more information regarding the Chrome filter and explained clearly about its functionality. The social giant said that it will be started by checking out sample pages from a website to examine whether it has any type of advertisement violating the predefined standards set by the Coalition for Better Ads. The website will get a passing grade after examining that the tester of Coalition didn’t find ads violating the standard especially agitating ads, such as ads with countdowns, advertisements with auto-play & sound, and pop-ups.

It was also said that websites having such types of ads violating standards will initially be warned. Failing grade will be attached if any website continuously violates standard and reject or ignore to remove the violating ads. The filter of browser cross-references it with the list of websites failed to meet the Better Ads Standards when you visit a URL on Chrome. If filter discovers that you are visiting a domain with disturbing ads, the filter will check network requests on the page against ad-related URL patterns in order to block those ads. It doesn’t mean that Chrome will take the right to see those advertisements away from you. The Chrome browser will then inform you that ads blocked on the site, and it will offer you the option to allow them loading whenever you visit.

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