Brain to Brain Instant Messaging is Possible Now: Scientists

Brain to Brain Instant MessagingWe know it is easy to send messages anywhere in the world by cell Phone, internet or by any of the available devices today. How about, if you asked to do this without speaking or writing or by using any of the devices? Yes, it is possible today; the scientists after a successful experiment said brain to brain instant messaging is possible today. Brain to brain messaging from one person to another person is possible even the receiver is 500 miles away from sender.

Alvaro Pascual-Leone, the director of the project and the professor of neurology at Harvard Medical School said we were looking for a way to communicate brain by brain even with the massive physical distance. In the experiment the two words were sent from a brain of a man in India to the man in France by using internet linked electroencephalogram (EEG) which was successfully received. “hola” and “ciao” are two words that were sent in this message from the brain of a person from India to the brain of a person in France. A team of four members worked on this project and produced efficient results, said Alvaro Pascual-Leone.

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