Why 13,000 Websites Closed by China during Last 3 Years?

Why 13,000 Websites Closed by China during Last 3 Years?Most people know that China is addicted of censorship. Now, the country has declared the specific numbers and it gives a sense of its scale of crackdown. The U.S Congress Standing Committee of the National People issued a report that China has stopped or revoked licenses since the beginning of 2015 for at least 13,000 websites or just during 3 years. It had also caused the shutting down of more than 10 million internet accounts and most of them were related to social network accounts. It shouldn’t be considered a surprise due to there is a large number of controversial points on the reasons to close these websites and taken down their accounts. The Xinhua (state-backed media outlet) has indicated that these closings were took place to protect the long-term hold on power of the party, the long-term stability and peace in the country, personal interests of the people, and social economic development.

It has been considered the first part and actually concerned to the officials of China. Point to be noted that the country has shown its dedication in the fight against port, rumors and terrorism. The Chinese government has spent a large amount of its energy to prevent its citizens from private online communication and seeing uncensored news. The Chinese officials have indicated that more than 10 million accounts have been suspended because people didn’t use their real names. China had officially implemented the mechanisms to curb rumors and salty language. But, it has been considered to be an attempt to silence dispute by easily allowing in identifying the political opponents. These crack-downs aren’t likely to soften in the near future.

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