Windmills Don’t Get Back Even Their Construction Cost

Wind MillIn the mid of August 2015, a user meme updated on Google+ group that an organization named ‘The Secret Society of Anti-AGW-ACC Cultism’ claimed that climate change is a practical joke that is spreading online. It is also said that meme only regenerated the words of the Associate Director of Waterloo institute of Complexity and innovation, Thomas Homer-Dixon. It omits a critical section of the segment to radically change its meanings. He also added in his book ‘Carbon Shift’ about how peak oil and the climate crisis would bring a change in our lives in Canada. Thomas Homer-Dixon also said in his book that some of the windmills should not compensate their energy production costs, but the windmills that are installed at a best location could manage their energy production expenses for more than three years. Thomas Homer-Dixon stressed that most of the windmills would never compensate their construction costs.

He also added that the net energy concept should be applied for sustainable energy sources, such as photo-voltanics and windmills. It is said that a 2 Megawatt windmill accommodates more than 260 tons of steel and requires at least 170 tons of coking coal, and 300 tons of iron rock, all mined, transferred and generated by hydrocarbons. There would be a question that how much a windmill could generate energy and how long, if we compare to its cost? The expected answer should be about a suitable wind site that it can give back its cost by generating energy for three years. But in a poor location its payback will be lessened or no pay back. Most of the windmills are able to spin until it fails to spin and then it would not produce any kind of energy and you can’t get back its construction cost.

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