Real-Time Data may lead to Perfect Treatment for Influenza Virus: Scientists

Influenza VirusA number of biologists have consistently had a study on the meaningful progress of a virus and we can say they were studying on antibodies. They were originally tracking viruses which have been considered a much difficult study. Moreover, researchers said that they have found a method to monitor the progress in real time for virus. They use multi-photon microscopy in a lineup with fluorescence and laser. The team of researchers had monitored the virus of influenza in trachea of a mouse using the immune and infection system response. Most of us assume that the infection generates a short war scenario. The T-cells of the immune system took a significant amount of time to respond and can take at least 5 days after the initial infection.

It is important that they were unforgiving after their arrival. They slowed down on 7th day and killing off methodically to infected cells. They may alive for more few days in a complicated condition to monitor for any new arrival of threats. All the above is expected, but there are few chances to see the activity. Scientists had learned some lessons during the live study. It is important that lower viruses don’t lead to fewer T-cells fighting back automatically and viruses may also affect the response of immune system, but it is not possible to define it. It is possible that we will be able to see more perfect results in the future. Scientists believe that real-time data may lead to more perfect treatments for viruses with stronger immune response.

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