The Privacy Dashboard of Microsoft to Control over Your Data

Microsoft privacy dashboardThe Microsoft has been incriminated of overstepping privacy boundaries with Windows 10. But, it is prepare in trying and regaining some of what broken trust. Now, the company is launching a web-based account privacy dashboard. It enables you to monitor and manage the information that are being used by Microsoft services. You will be able to view and erase your search history of Bing, Edge browsing history and your entire local activities. You will be able to edit your data if you are concerned about the Cortan Notebook and Microsoft Health services. Microsoft has promised that the Creators Update of Windows 10 will provide much better privacy experience from the beginning. You will find a new setup process that fulfills your privacy requirements.

In spite of you are fresh & beginner with Windows 10 or you has already installed it on your device. The diagnostic data collection options will also be streamlined by the Company, including both Basic and Full. It will also collect fewer amounts of data at its Basic level. It is important that all the above discussed privacy concerns were not available before the arrival of Windows 10. Microsoft also promised that it is just an initial step and you will experience more control over your data in the long run. It is not considered entirely selfless gesture on the part of Redmond at the time of facing regulatory inspection over the tracking of Windows 10.

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