PayPal Beats eBay on Annual Revenue

PaypaleBay is growing with the good pace despite of a heavy loss caused last year due to cyber attack. The annual income of eBay is not according to Wall Street estimated annual income. The expectations of Wall Street and other financial giant were higher on eBay for its annual income.The annual revenue of eBay is reported to $4.36 billion which is below even eBay expectations too. Contrary to this,  PayPal is going well and producing higher annual income than the eBay itself.

The annual growth in the eBay income last year was reported 9 percent when it faced cyber attack on its customer data. eBay provided some security instructions for its users including the change of passwords to avoid maximum damage. Do doubt it impacted on the credibility of the services of the eBay in the international market. eBay purchased PayPal in 2002 in 2.5 billion dollars and decided to run both of the companies separately to know the actual growth rate in its business annually. It is also consider the major factor of in the success of the company. Both of companies have separate data centers management and other concern that are essential for the progress of a company.

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