Goldfish “Store of the Future” a project of Target Closed

Goldfish of TargetA struggle to present Target stores into future has purportedly been stopped before it could ever experience the advanced environment. Some reports have indicated that Target named it as the project of “Store of the Future”. This project was planned to put the retailer in a direct competition with forthcoming cashier-free “Go stores of Amazon”, but it was undoubtedly canceled after a frustrating holiday season. The sources indicated that the new and small types of stores were slated to debut sometime this year. an internal team had already started presenting a test version, in spite of the normal rows and aisles most customers of Target are used to.

The Store of the Future much look like a showroom and engage a team of robots for picking items and bring those items for the customers at checkout. An e-commerce component was also included in stores and Target intended to the utilized the spaces to motivate others, such as non-retail experiences & community gatherings. Target was also arranging for a new online marketplace and named it “Goldfish”. It was especially designed to compete with Amazon online and third parties could see to sell their goods using the platform of Target. The Minneapolis Star Tribune indicated that the San Francisco-based team of “Goldfish” led by former exec of Paypal West Stringfellow, but he has left Target due to some internal confusions.

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