Underground Life might be a Better Option on Mars: Researchers

Underground Life might be a Better Option on Mars: ResearchersMost of us know that Mars is a dry and cold planet, but will it support life is still a controversial question. The areas of our Earth once hosted long time dried-up bodies of water have been found a solid proof of ancient life. These types of areas have been considered a target of searches for ancient Martian life. But, a report was recently published in a paper Nature Geoscience. The report has indicated that it might not be the perfect place to look. The report mentioned that how little we understand regarding the origin of life on Earth. It also makes sense to implement a more advanced plan in finding life signs. The report also suggest going below the surface of the planet in order to find our areas that have the ability to host the hydrothermal systems.

The researchers said, Mars is not Earth and we should recognize that our entire perspective on how life has evolved and how evidence of life is preserved is colored by the fact that we live on a planet where photosynthesis evolved. Point to be noted that our Earth is experiencing photosynthesis and Mars has been declared as a cold planet. The Mars has been considered atmosphere-less planet for about a billion years. The Mars has been considered much less-massive as compared to Earth. Its core cooled faster and leads to a loss of the magnetic field of the planet. So, at least 4 billion years ago, the planet Mars had lost most of its atmosphere due to its less protection from radiation and solar winds.

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