Simple Steps to Edit Videos in Photoshop CC and CS6

newwwwVideo editing is now available at Adobe Photoshop image editing program. The final cut or premiere for in and out is not a problem in the Photoshop as it can itself manage the things itself. Photoshop is providing video editing facility since its extended CS3 version quite nicely and if you are running any older version than CS3, this tutorial will not help you anymore. The video features are almost same in the CC and CS6 version of Photoshop. Following there are some of the major file format that Photoshop can read;

ü  .264

ü  AVI

ü  MPEG-4

ü  MOV (QuickTime)

ü  MTS

To start editing go Window > Workspace > Motion to get entire control over the video suits. You can use filmstrip icon to add media available on the timeline or drag your desired video on the main window of the Photoshop. For more precise method, go to File> New and select Film, Select Video from drop down menu.  Select size, width, height, resolution color mode and background according to your requirements and then go ahead. Now you can edit the video according to your need.

The first step is to convert your video into smart object by selecting Layer > Smart Objects > Convert to Smart Object. After it you will be able to apply different filters to your video. While editing your video you will have to use so many features that you often use while editing still images, that’s why we can say that video editing in Photoshop is as simple as editing a still image in Photoshop. Use scissor tool to cut video into two at the play head position. Use Audio Tracking Layer to add any extra audio file. It is great tool to add extra attraction in the video.

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