Simple Steps to Build an App Clone

flappy clonesSelling the modifiable app templates is lucrative and least time consuming. A true example of it is Flappy Crocodile, which is based on Flappy Bird, this is intensely addictive mobile phone game, so here you will look at the template, you want to use and modify the apps. In order to make changes in the templates, you will need the follow the following steps.

Get a Developer Account:

You will need to publish the app. Svarc used the apple developer, which costs $99 a year, here source code modification will be applicable like Xcode, you can easily download it from the Apple, you don’t need to be advanced, but you should know your way  around the code.

What you need to buy the Source Code:

When it comes to buy a source code, you will need to spend about $99 and $349 to get it purchased from the various websites. For example,,, and are some of the websites, where you can buy the source code easily. Svarc recommends novices to begin with the source code, because it has a good fame, and it offers the step by step developer tutorial.

Change the game with the sounds and images:

When you opt to change the images and sounds, this is bare minimum; this is the said of Svarc. You will also need to overwrite the details in Xcode by means of dragging and dropping the new files into it. You can monitor the process and progress of your game with the number of tools, which are available like “Product Clean Tool”, this will help you to launch the game and play in simulator. Therefore, gaming trends are getting changes, and more advancement is coming in the gaming zones to offer the players a new experience of enjoying the game.

What we need when it comes to upload and publish the app:

This is an important step to make your game as a hot selling cake. What you need to perform is to change the advert setting in order to make sure that you are implementing some tools to promote your apps or game. This will give you a confidence of getting your app promoted in the longer run. Here you will have to change the name and other identifying info in the Xcode, which will allow you to become a part of this fabulous activity of your thing need to considered with great care is that, you have to upload the file, which should not more than 20MBs, any more in this will take up a considerable amount of space on a mobile phone device.

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