Google Now – Efficiently Complete Your Tasks Just With Voice

Google CommandGoogle has become such advance tool, which allows you to accomplish your task with the use of nothing but your voice. This is also helpful in controlling your device through this app, but this app has limitations to understanding the commands. Although, it is a good to hear that two tools can also be used to extend the use of Google Now. This means the better control and more functions to do custom jobs, and more accuracy. Here are some of the tips about setting this up.

Autovoice or Commander will help to make this app more accuracy, and in order to run this app, you will need the Tasker, which is the paid app. However, you can get this app on the trial basis for the 7 days first before deciding if you want to get it, worth $3.75 with the combo as well, with the help of which you can send messages to your friends, status uploading, and favorite social networking amongst the many other things.  Here are some of the steps, which will work for Commandr 3.1, tasker 4.5u1

, AutoVoice 2.0.18, and other versions of these applications.

Starting the procedure with the setting up of Tasker:

This is the application to automate the tasks in the Android, this is similar to the scheduled tasks maker in the desktop operating systems, it can be used to create the tasks, which are automatically executed as per the active situation or profile. It obvious example is that, if your mobile phone battery drops below the 10% then the screen brightness will automatically come to the optimum level.

Installing the Tasker:

Installing is not an issue for anyone, what you need is to

  • Download the tasker from its download page
  • Downloading the relevant version as your current android version
  • Following the instructions and then download it as per the instructions and then download it as per the procedure.

Once you download this app, you need to configure it and make it accessible by the other apps. Here are some of the steps you need to follow:

1)      Go to tasker

2)      Setting Menu

3)      Preferences menu

4)      Go to beginner mode on UI tab

5)      Misc tab and allow external access

Creating Tasks with the Taskers:

Tasker is now available to run the apps like as commander and Autovoice, and here at this point, what you will need is to create some of the tasks, you need.

  • Open the tasker
  • Select the event
  • Plugin
  • At this point, you need to select the commandr plugin, if not, then choose the Autovoice Recognized plugin.
  • Configure the Commandr by clicking on the pencil, and enter the text that you want to use as a voice command like as Hello Facebook.
  • Configure the Autovoice Recognized plugin by clicking ok in case Joaomgc appears, then go to the option of Command Filter in order to choose the command section.
  • The very next step would be to enter the text like saying Hello Facebook in the form of voice command. The lite version of the autovoice offers four maximum characters for a voice command. What you need next would involve pressing the back button; here tasker will ask for to choose the task for the newly created profile.
  • Now here comes the next task to say “Hello Facebook task”.
  • Press the tick button, then + button, the select the action category like app, then select the launching application, then select the options of Facebook from the apps.

Using Autovoice or Commandr:

This will be the start of the tutorial, where you will install Commandr or autovoice to extend the features of the Google Now and use your own custom commands with it. Both are helpful in order to accomplish the tasks, but what is better is to go with Commandr because it comes with lots of commands built in like toggle hardware settings, autovoice full version options, and read messages. Furthermore, if you are the one to get the full version of the Auto voice, then it would cost you around $ 1.32.

Here we will go with commandr, here are some of the steps, which would help us to determine about the experience of using the voice control functionality.

  • Set up the commandr
  • Open the commandr, open the setting and swipe left, then click the commandr for Google Now, Switch on and click ok. This small and smart step would give you access directly on your phone. In case, you select the limited access, and then you would require asking,“Note to sell” prior putting any commands to your phone.
  • Here we will need to activate the built in voice commands, which comes in tons of built in voice commands, these commands are available after installation, with better control of voices, toggle hardware switches, read messages, and then commanding about how to control them. So going with Commandr can give you much.
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