Customization of Media Upload Directory in WordPress

Media CostamizeThere have been brought many changes, but one-thing still remains unchanged, that is the WordPress file storage procedures in the server. The storage procedure, which is being used by the WordPress, is the storage of the media files in store-based folders. That is the reason;WordPress does not offer numerous options to customize this particular area.

If you feel not good of using this, then you need to make a customizable path, which could help you in locating the files, where the files are stored. These files are stored with the name that matches the posts, permalinks, uploads, name to something else, by making use of the numerous plugins, this is easier to make the website more customized, easy to organize with the custom file structure.

Make changes in the default Upload folders:

WordPress usually uses the WP- content upload to store the uploaded file.WordPress gives us option of customize the folder destination, which becomes a good reason change this default, and just looking like a real website less than WordPress, in this a great thing, word press offers to use with the proper adjustments to be made with the website development.

When it comes to upload the files in the WordPress in order to upload the files, then it is a good option to upload the files in that folders and then you will need to put the following code to accomplish your operation i.e. require_once(ABSPATH.’wp-settings.php’);.

This is always one of the best options to upload the files, and newly uploaded files are stored in the “files” folders.

This is the specification, which is available in the setting mode, media editing 3.0 version (WordPress has replaced this with 3.5).

If you are worry while passing through the procedure of wp-config.php, then you can easily install the plugin, which enable the path by Gregory Viguier, this will help you to bring the options back into the Setting> Media page. Along with its installation, you will find the fields for inputting. These options are greatly helpful in case, if you want to deliver your files through a sub domain, by assuming that you have created a sub domain. Nevertheless, here comes a question that, there should be the formation of a new subfolder, which could help you in determining it and uploading the files. This will help you to set the folder name in order to link new folder to the sub domain.

There are customization options available toupload the directories, and for this, there is another great plug in. For this, go to the setting, then tick the option of custom upload directory in order to specify the folder name with the provided placeholder, in this way, these options will help you to customize your word press settings, and your website will be secure in the WordPress as per your needs. One important thing is that you need to activate the plugin in order to implement the settings. For this, create a new post, and upload a new file, and this will be accessible through a link.

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