WWDC Event of Apple Will Present Better Than Echo of Amazon

WWDCMost of the Silicon Valley competitors are working to cross each other in the artificial intelligence wars. The Apple has shown its strange silence, but it would not be too longer. Some reported informed that Apple is currently working on two new major moves to strengthen its powerful strategy in (AI). Initially, the firm Cupertino will purportedly show up Siri to the developers of third-party and the voice assistant will be used with multiple apps, not just for Apple based. Most interesting feature is that Apple is also powerfully working on a smart-Bluetooth speaker similar to the Google Home or Echo of Amazon. It will include a microphone and purportedly Siri-powered. You will then be able to play music, get headlines and many other types of other tasks.

The source also informed that Apple has been specifically working on this device prior to the launching of the Echo last year. It is important that the Artificial intelligence has been considered as a focus for the rivals of Apple for a while, but now Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Amazon have heavily invested in (AI) in order to improve the performance of digital assistants. These digital assistants are often referred to as bots. On the other hand, Siri has remained clearly limited and standing in scope when we talk about comparison in the competition. There is not any kind of official statement from Apple that how much they have planned for investing in it, but we expect that we will find more about WWDC event of Apple, which is expected in a couple of weeks.

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